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Below are 3 of my weighted vest reviews.  Keep in mind this is simple my opinion but having seen many of these types of products I’ll explain why I like the Hyper Vest #1.  Enjoy the read.  To read more about my #1 pick check it out here.

Hyper Vest® PRO Hyper Vest® PRO

This is your ultimate weighted vest featuring a revolutionary system with fabric that was described by Men’s Health Magazine as the finest weight vest to have ever been made.

It has a very innovative design that firmly and comfortably holds steel weights close to the core, ensuring that they remain in place during arduous multi-plane movements. The compression fabric tightly hugs your chest in the horizontal plane and holds strongly in place. See more pictures here.

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It therefore allows full expansion and contraction of the chest allowing you to breathe freely while the weights are in place. Hyper Vest® PRO’s resulting lean profile enables you to execute a wide range of motions. Since the weights are only a quarter if an inch in thickness, this exceptionally good vest can hardly be detected under a shirt. The PRO weighted Vest either has an odor resistant, breathable, light-weight fabric as well as generous open side plates that make the vest outstandingly more comfortable than other weighted vests.

Of My Weighted Vest Reviews This One Is #1 And Here’s Why

It is also durable besides having steel weights that are both thinner and denser compared to any other available weighted vest. Hyper PRO is, therefore, both portable and occupies a less space. Working with Hyper Vest® PRO has been proven to effectively build bone density. The vest is the thinnest weight vest  made with an original control system that comfortably holds weight to your body even without balancing yet it allows you to expand and contract your chest while breathing, as mentioned above.

The distinctive side-straps are adjustable and hence keep the weight tight to your core as opposed to hanging them on your shoulders which could necessitate constant shifting during workout.

Unique features:

  • Pro-grade weight vest founded on a unique patented design
  • Comes with 10 pounds of high-density steel weights with aptitude for more
  • More weight can be added as you grow stronger
  • Thin profile that offers a complete range of motions
  • Its stretch fabric is not only odor resistant, wicked and cool but also comfortable.
  • It also has an open side designed for ventilation purposes
  • It has a unisex design complete with side lacing to provide greatly-adjustable fit.

Here’s A Video Of This Weighted Vest


This is a high quality weighted vest made of heavy-duty reinforced nylon, and features double padded shoulders for extra comfort. It is designed for all-purpose training and hence can be sued for firefighters training, training of trainers, athletes among many more. It is specifically designed to contour your body, staying tight even during rigorous training. It is design for both women and men, and is ideal for persons who need an affordable and reliable vest.

Just like any other high-quality weighted vest, it snuggly fits your body, enabling you to move and breathe easily while doing your workouts. You can conveniently adjust the weight by simply adding or removing the weighted bags in turn to achieve your desired weight. Tightly fasten to the torso; molded convention fit eliminates weight movement during workouts such as power walking, hill bounding, running, polymeric, vertical jumps and lateral drills-the vest comes with a strong Velcro belt that effectively keeps the vest fitted to your body.

ZFOsports® – 60lbs adjustable weighted vest can also be used in the gym to perform activities such as squats, dips, pull-ups, lunges and push-ups. It adds resistance and resilience to the raining routine yet it does not compromise biometrics. It therefore increases speed and strength, boots weight loss , enhances respiration, build muscles and enable you to gain speed and power.

Incorporate this portable fitness tool in all your physical activities or programs you are doing to optimize results. It will enable you to fats track to professional fitness within a very short time. With ZFOsports®, stretching and gaining strength concurrently is very simple.

It makes it very easy to improve your agility and speed in any workout. The vest is adaptable as a workout tool to any indoor or outdoor activity like….

  • aerobics
  • yoga
  • weight training
  • boxing
  • swimming
  • biking
  • marathon
  • mountain climbing

It can even be adapted for hardcore military training!

Unique features:

  • It has an impressive maximum weight limit of 60 pounds
  • Its total weight can be adjusted
  • One-size-fits all
  • Can be adjusted from three pounds to 60 pounds
  • Has a mid-chest belt for max hold ensuring that there is no shifting or balancing

Harbinger: HumanX Weighted Vest

This weight vest is not only adjustable in 1lb increment that adds up to 20lbs but also fits well. It uses sand cartridges slotted into pockets positioned in its inner linings. The vest is designed in such a way that weight muscle ups as well as pull-ups can be executed conveniently with an extra 20lbs on. This wonderful HumanX vest curves to your body fitting snugly and hence is not uncomfortable to wear. This, therefore, implies that you can walk around with it all day long if you wish to do so with 20 extra pounds on.

The fact that the weight is limited to 20 ponds can be compensated for by walking for longer duration of time as you progress. Besides, you actually won’t find any walk needing anything heavier than 2lbs. HumanX, boosts your resistance while at the same time assisting you increase core strength on a wide range of exercises.

The Vest is a one-size-fits-all accessory complete with a user-friendly neoprene tension belt that offers a fully customized fit. HumanX Vest is also less bulky compared to most weight vests available in the market besides its dual shoulder/chest padding and tear-hardy exterior guaranteeing long term durability and comfort. However, it’s not as light and bulk-free as the Hyper Vest above.

Incorporate resistance training using this weight vest and you will get more out of the workouts you are already doing. It is ideal for you regardless of your skill level.

Unique features

  • It is adjustable by one pound increments up to a maximum of 20 pounds
  • Securely curves to your body effectively providing maximum mobility
  • The Vest is fitted with a custom-fit tension belt made of neoprene
  • It is dually padded to cushion your chest and shoulders
  • It has a durable and tear-resistant exterior
  • Convenient washing-requires hand wash cold and lay flat dry

So that’s it for my weighted vest reviews.  It’s important to note that a good weighted vest should be lightweight, adjustable and easy to equip.  Nothing is worse than a thick, bulky vest that leaves little room for movement.

To check out my #1 pick click here.

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