Warrior Shredded Review – How Good Is It?

warrior shredded review

Today I am putting out my Warrior Shredded Program review.  This is a good program for slimming down while building lean muscle and I am going to share why and how it’s different than virtually everything else out there.

It actually seems like a modified version Visual Impact – Found Here.

If you are well immersed in the world of fitness training, then you may be aware of who Greg O’Gallagher is.

While Greg is sometimes regarded as the fitness guru, he is no doubt well experienced in the ways of exercising and fitness. For this very reason, he has a series of well crafted training programs, right under his belt.

One such program is the Warrior Shredded Program. If you truly understand that you can build muscles within a short span of time, then you will be able to relate with this exercising program. The program is geared towards enhancing your body’s fitness and nutrition regime, while keeping you lean and ripped and dropping body fat into the single digits (that’s the goal anyway).

warrior shredded results

Actual Results From The Program

Why The Shredded Warrior Program Works

This plan works because it combines proper diet and nutrition with lifting properly.  In fact one of the nice things with this program is it pushes you to ONLY workout 3 days per week.

One of the most recent fads are exercise programs that focus on working out 5-6 days per week i.e. see my Body Beast and P90x3 reviews and you’ll see what I mean.  With Body Beast I actually ended up developing a painful bout of tendinitis in my elbow.  I am not attributing this 100% to Body Beast but I was definitely over-training with the program which led to the flare-up.

The issue with working out constantly is you deplete your gains by not giving your body enough rest.  Your body MUST have proper rest in order to gain muscle and sadly, this is often over-looked and ignored.

“You Only Need To Workout 3 Days Per Week”

You will basically focus on 2-3 sets of 3-4 exercises per workout – that’s it!

Another issue with most popular programs is that they lead to over-training by pushing you to do too many reps of lower weight.  This issue leads to potential over-training which leads to overall poor results and over-training.  Over-training is the easiest way to become injured.

Heavy weight + low reps + ample rest while staying in a slight caloric deficit will lead to strength and muscle gains while slimming you down to reveal a ripped body.

Greg also advocates on your off-days getting 40-60 minutes of very light exercise in (i.e. walking).  It sounds crazy because mainstream media tells us otherwise but this works!

Results During My Warrior Shredded Review

more results

More Results From One Of The Members Of The Program

So far I’ve added quite a bit of lean muscle while shredded about 15 lbs of body fat off of my frame.  It works!  I am not into single digit body fat yet but I am working towards it and should be there in another month or so.

To the right is a pic of results one user had – (it’s not me in the pic).

The workout plan strategy

The whole program is intensely focused on strength training, while keeping the main focus of the training relevant to the chest, delts, legs and your arms. This is accompanied by exercises which melt away your fat.

Thankfully, once you’re done working out as per this program, you will realize that you don’t need to live your life in the gym, trying to achieve that lean look you have always craved for.

Again, just 3-days per week is all you need to workout.


The Creator Of The Program

Warrior Shredded Diet and Nutrition Plan

Apart from the diet, the nutrition is the key component required to give you’re the required chiseled look you desire.

The trick is to eat in a way so as to keep the fat away, while gorging on food to get the required energy. Sounds confusing, right? Not after you have been through the Nutrition guide, offered exclusively by Greg O’Gallagher’s Warrior Shredded Program.

He promotes intermittent fasting through the morning and having a huge lunch, fasting for 4-6 hours (light fruit snack if you get hungry) and then a huge dinner.

While it sounds crazy because the mainstream fitness world is selling people on 6 small meals per day the problem is with that many meals it’s almost impossible to enjoy food or go out to dinner with your friends.

With 2 large meals and perhaps 1-2 snacks of fruit through the day you not only stay full but you get to eat amazing foods!

So far I rarely get hungry and when I do I simply eat and apple or banana until I can have my big meal and the hunger goes away.

I am stronger now and more fit than when I was in my 20’s and I have much room to grow and strengthen up.

What to expect in the initial weeks?

Depending on how diligently you follow the set out routines, the results will also tend to vary. In the initial few weeks, you can expect to lose around 6 to 8 pounds of fat, while reduce your waist size by 2 inches at least.

This might seem like a little too hard to achieve to the normal reader; however, in the world of fitness, eating right and exercising can actually help you achieve these together in a matter of no time.

Who is suitable for the program?

People who are looking to build a solid physique along with a lean look and strong muscles. This exercise is certainly not built for someone with a weak heart and bones.

Once you’re done with this program’s regime, you will realize that you have only 6% to 7% body fat while the rest is all rock hard muscle.Not everyone will slim down to 6-7% body fat but you should be able to get down into the low teens unless you are obese when starting the program.

That’s the power the training program awards you with. Definitely a one up, if you ask Greg.

Equipment Needed For The Warrior Shredded Program

You only need a few things.

  • Pullup Bar (Like This One)
  • Cheap Bench
  • Dumbbells (for men probably from 20-60/70 lbs)
  • About 45 Minutes 3 Times Per Week (walking and abs on off-days)
  • Weighted Vest For Pullups Once You Get Stronger
  • Protein Supplement if not getting enough protein in diet (optional)

If you’re extremely strong already you might want to invest in some heavier equipment.  However, most people are not quite as strong as they’d like to believe they are.

The Cost Of Warrior Shredded

warrior shredded review

The program is currently extremely cheap (for latest pricing check here).  In fact, the cost is much cheaper than other programs I’ve reviewed like Body Beast and P90x and I think the potential for better results is there over those types of programs.

 Overall Thoughts In My Warrior Shredded Review

Overall I believe this is the perfect program for beginners and people with experience but not yet the body they want.

This program will get you slimmed down, muscled up and once you achieve single body fat percentage marks your abs and muscles will look awesome.  Once you achieve these results then you can start thinking of bulking up more to look even more powerful.  Again, this is a good program and is about the same as Visual Impact.

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