Visual Impact Training Review – A Cheap Program That Works?

visual impact training programI am going to cover a great program today: Visual Impact Training Review.  You can read more about the program here.

This is the ultimate guide to looking sleek and ripped in the vein of Brad Pitt Ala Fightclub.

There are a few reasons why this program works and I’m going to share them with you.

The Visual Impact training program has been designed by Rusty Moore, who has given his best knowledge and experience in lean muscle development and gaining attractive physique.

This program has been described by many reviewers and users as a unique fitness program that features a flexible diet plan, effective cardio workout, body conditioning, lean muscle development, fat loss and muscle recovery plan, among others.

Who is the program for?

  • Visual Impact program is an exciting program especially for those individuals who can’t move past their workout plateaus and those looking for new strategies for developing greater physique and strength.
  • Complete newbies should understand that this program is mainly designed for experienced weight trainers due to its intensity. Participating in the program requires 4 to 6 days a week in to get the ultimate results from the program.
  • The program targets experienced weight trainers who are looking for a unique program that can help them maximize muscle toning and strength gaining without spending a lot of resources hiring personal fitness trainers.

The working of the program and Phase Breakdown Of Visual Impact Training

Visual Impact training makes use of unique methods that target weight training to help increase fluid retention in muscle cells. This is what encourages muscle fiber growth in a shortened time, due to increased muscle size. The program comes in three phases and a bonus phase.

  • Phase 1 – This phase puts focus on the accurate training methods of gaining muscle and bulking up the core muscle areas.
  • Phase 2 – This phase places emphasis on defining muscle gained and gaining strength, thus adding to size.
  • Phase 3 – This phase is dedicated to strength building and ultimate shedding of fat with the right cardiovascular workouts.
  • Bonus Phase – This bonus phase focuses on balancing body fat percentage and achieving a more aesthetic physique.

The main program features

Visual Impact training is an intense fitness program that mainly features;

  1. Building up Core Strength To Have The “Hollywood Look”
  2. Complete muscle recovery pattern and practices
  3. Customizable diet plans to accelerate fat loss process
  4. Effective cardio workout routine to help in fat burning and fuel the body.
  5. Muscle building guides and training – can download and work through easily
  6. Top athlete training for specific muscle groups and over-training advice
  7. Special fat burning training through irradiation technique.
  8. How to prevent the muscle from becoming saggy and ultimate body toning.

Program eBook Guide

People who have been training hard without getting proper results need a new training routine to push them beyond their limits. Bodybuilders working towards achieving a muscular body would find this program quite helpful.

The program comes with an eBook that offers great insight for those who want to gain muscle. Reviews place this program and a real guide to getting stronger faster in less time.

Main strengths (Pros) of the program

  • The program offers a unique method of training
  • The author’s (Rusty Moore), ability and experience in health and fitness training, is unquestionable and highly reputable
  • The training is straightforward and results are actionable and quick
  • Affordable rates for enrollment and training
  • The program comes with a 60-day money back guarantee

Program Cons

  • This program may not be the ideal program for some beginners due to its intensive training. However, the strong persevere and achieve massive results and ANYONE can work through he program at a lower volume pace and be fine
  •  Only available in digital format – Like most programs

These are the only faults I could find with the program.  As you can see Visual Impact Training will do what it says for you if you stick to the routines and course of action mentioned by the author.

What Equipment Do you Need To Use Visual Impact Training?

Much like my review on Warrior Shredded and Greek God Program you’ll need very minimal equipment.

  1. Dumbbells: 5lbs-70lbs
  2. A place to workout: Whether home or a gym
  3. Chin-up bar
  4. A cheap weight bench

That’s the only notable equipment I could note in my Visual Impact Training review.

Final Analysis In My Visual Impact Training Review

The Visual Impact training program is a great muscle building workout that is delivered with a unique approach. People experiencing a more resistant training experience greatly benefit due to the intensity and effectiveness of the training.

The approach used in the training is straight and actionable facilitating results in a short period. The 60-day money back guarantee wraps all doubts.  Go get a copy now – HERE.

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