The Masters Hammer And Chisel Review – Is It Right For You?

the masters hammer and chisel reviewThe Masters Hammer And Chisel Review: A Look At This Full Workout

There are many workouts out there aiming to not only help people burn excess fat but also to build muscle and chisel their body.  You can see people’s claimed results here:

The Masters Hammer and Chisel is in the second group. While it’s a high intensity workout that can definitely help with burning off the fat, this particular workout is especially geared at people who aren’t looking to lose massive amounts of weight, but really want to drop that potbelly and actually build noticeable definition in their arms, shoulders, back, chest, legs, and elsewhere. Muscle tone is the name of the game with this particular workout from Beach Body.

The Basic Design Of The Workout Program

Created by two long time trainers (Sagi Kalev and Autumn Calabrese) the focus of the Masters program is to get full body sculpting and that means a focus on both workouts as well as nutrition. The two need to go hand in hand to get the maximum results people expect based on how the program is pitched. This is a 60 day program that promises amazing results, and having those two months of proper nutrition to go with the daily workouts and exercises to do their thing.

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Portion Control

The Masters Hammer and Chisel program comes with actual colored containers to make portion control easy. One for protein, one for complex carbs, one for veggies, etc. This makes it as easy as possible for anyone on the program to to quickly and effectively set up their plate exactly as it needs to be created in order to get the optimum amount of every type of food and nutrition in your body as this program measures it.

Portion and calorie control is virtually a staple with every workout program!  Below I have some more thoughts from The Masters Hammer and Chisel review that I feel are important here.

SSP Training

SSP stands for stabilization, strength, and power. While even many novices understand that certain types of weight training work better for muscle growth, adding balance takes things to an entirely knew level. Better balance, and exercising the connective muscles that allow for better balance and better balance exercises, leads to much better results, especially when focusing on sculpting.

This creates a three tier focus for workouts that means every single day there is something to focus on while working out. This also allows for the cycling of different exercises which keeps the body guessing and can be an effective way to up the calorie burn and encourage muscle participation.

60 Day Calendar

The 60 day calendar for exercises and diet comes with individual DVDs that help walk dieters through exercises for each week. It’s important to do these in order when following the program since many of the early exercises that focus on important building blocks such as balance and getting use to certain motions with body weight before adding weights and more complex movements later.

Skipping those early workouts can make it much more difficult later on, not to mention increasing the likelihood of injury. There’s a reason these DVDs are in the order that they’re in.

Excellent Money Back Guarantee

There is a 60 day money back guarantee with this program for anyone who orders it, goes through it, and doesn’t like the results can send it back for a full refund as long as it is within the first 60 days of ordering it. This means a person can go through most of the program and still have time to send it back, which is a pretty exceptional return policy that you won’t find too often.

My Thoughts During This The Masters Hammer and Chisel Review

Ultimately, this is not a bad program.  However, much like I felt in my Body Beast Review, I feel like this has the makings of tendinitis all over again.  I’d much rather build better muscle density using a program like Visual Impactmen’s version / women’s version )  rather than lifting high reps with lighter weights.  Unfortunately, when the program focuses on the 12 rep range more than the 5-6 rep range the outcome is wasting the potential to get a better strength gain.

I feel like most people won’t see results like they show at all in 60 days.  I think most people will need to run the program twice.


They feature containers that you need to put the food you need for the day in.  The goal is to keep you from over eating.  My only concern here is that is NOT how you keep from gaining or losing weight.

To lose weight you need to eat in a caloric deficit.  A caloric deficit is the only way that your body slims down even if you you’re working out.  Basically that means you need to eat less calories than you burn per day.

Ultimately you still want to eat decently and finish the day about 400-500 calories below what your body needs as maintenance.  Use this calculator to find your caloric deficit for weight loss.

I think ultimately this program isn’t bad and it’s certainly better than doing nothing but I will note during my Masters Hammer and Chisel review here that this was not my favorite.  You can still snag it here.

What are your thoughts?  Have you created your version of the Masters Hammer and Chisel review that you’d like to share?  Let’s discuss your thoughts….

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