Shakeology Review – The Truth Good and Bad…

What Is Shakeology?

When a person thinks about Shakeology, the first thing which comes to the mind is that it is a protein shake. The answer is, “No”; it’s not a protein shake. Instead, it’s a mixture of 70 different types of safe, healthy ingredients, which combine together to create what is claimed to be one of the best nutritional meals.  Let’s dig deeper in this Shakeology review….

With Shakeology, you are basically replacing some of your daily meals. It Contains 150 calories of pure nutrition, it’s everything that your body would otherwise need for a day’s routine. The good news is that the substances with which Shakeology shakes are made contain no artificial sweeteners. Everything is absolutely on the face for the consumers. Drink the shake after a workout and see the difference for yourself.

Shakeology is neither an energy drink nor is it simply a protein shake. Simply put, it’s like having a diet, but only in liquid form. I personally hate diets and diet food.  I believe in natural eating and less supplementation – more on that coming up.

Shakeology shakes can be helpful, especially, if you are looking to supplement your diet with some nutrient rich mixture. While this is not a protein shake or an energy shake, it’s definitely a meal replacement shake, containing more than 70 essential nutrients for the body.

It all sounds pretty good so far.  Let’s dig a little deeper.

Shakeology Flavors & Price

In order to appeal to the consumers taste buds, the shakes come in various flavors, just to sweeten the deal (figuratively speaking, since the shakes contain no artificial sweeteners). You can choose from chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, green berry, chocolate vegan and tropical strawberry vegan. With so many flavors to choose from, the end user might feel spoiled with so many  choices, especially at the time of ordering.

Each bag full of flavors costs $129.95 only. OUCH!

However, you can rest assured the price will definitely match the taste you get. Enjoy the rich creamy taste of the shake, as you get a chance to supplement your daily diet with these wonderful set of refreshing, nutrient filled flavors.

But ultimately is that price worth it?

Shakeology shakes consist of more than 70 ingredients and around 23 vitamins. Let’s take a deeper look into what really makes up this shake.

Shakeology ingredients

This wouldn’t be a proper shakeology review without discussing some of the main ingredients.

[1] Folic Acid: Folic acid is also widely known as the Vitamin M. The nutrient helps reduce chances of heart stroke, improves sperm quality in males, and helps prevent macular degeneration according to sources.

[2] Biotin: It’s also known as Vitamin H and it helps break down fatty cells inside the body.

[3] Pantothenic acid: Known as Vitamin B5, it helps with oxygen utilization within the body. It facilitates the transfer of oxygen to all your muscles and helps keep your body strong and healthy.

[4] Phosphorus: Intake of this ingredient helps strengthen teeth enamel, thereby preventing tooth decay.

[5] Iodine: Widely known to have beneficial properties with regards to thyroid reduction in the body, Iodine also helps prevent goiter.

These were the main ingredients which make up Shakeology shakes. However, there are quite a lot of other vitamins and minerals which are also present and I just mentioned some of the main ones above.

The above vitamins can also be easily found in a daily multivitamin.  So it you’re already taking a multivitamin you’re already covered.  If you want to dig deeper into each ingredient above I put a link over to each Wiki page which explains what each ingredient is for in detail.

My Thoughts On Shakeology

I am not going to condemn this product in my Shakeology review but I am going to just state my overall opinion here.

I am not a big supplement fan. Wen you’re building muscle (this goes for both men and women) your body needs a good mix of fat, carbs and protein. Ultimately you’re better off getting these nutrients from REAL nourishing food rather than meal replacements.

I rather have a plate of chicken smothered in cheese and a side of potato wedges rather than a shake any day (not to mention I rather save a fortune eating this real food).

Eating wholesome food will also keep your body satiated longer throughout the day. Staying satiated is the key to avoiding binge eating and impulse eating and it’s why most ‘diets” fail.  Eating filling foods like lean meats and potatoes will satiate the body longer and help curb these cravings.

Keeping Up With It

Learning to make your own food, eat proper macros of food as explained in Warrior Shredded Program (for men) note: women can also use the warrior shredded program but the Goddress Toning Program is specifically geared for women – will go a long way.  When we get into the “fast food” mentality of food eventually we either run of of patience dealing with mixing and creating shakes or money due to the cost of this sort of lifestyle.

Again, wholesome foods will satiate you longer than a shake.

Is There A Shakeology Alternative

Again, not really.  I don’t really suggest replacing meals with liquid diets.  There is no need for it and I believe it actually leads us to not feeling full throughout the day.

Therefore it’s hard for me to advise anyone to seek an alternative.  Like I mentioned I personally make a protein shake only on days where I think I am not getting enough protein in my diet (.85g per pound of body weight to 1g per pound of body weight).

What I Suggest Personally

Along with eating wholesome foods if I have days where I do not believe I’ll get the proper protein I simply add a natural protein shake to my diet.  I try to limit how often I do this though, because again, it’s all about staying satiated and avoiding hunger and “junk binge” sessions.

This isn’t just some random thing I made up.  There is actually science behind it as explain by Greg, whom I greatly trust over at Warrior Shredded.

Greg teaches Intermittent fasting as a means of eating two really big enjoyable meals per day and having 1-2 snacks.  I’ve been using this method myself and so far I’ve dropped about 15 pounds of fat and have added lean muscle.


I am not refuting Shakeology and their claims.  I actually think Beach Body is a reputable company that has helped a lot of people.  However, I think most people are better off avoiding meal replacement methods and eating tasty foods.

As a final note this is my own personal Shakeology review.  Some people may have a different take on it.  Like I said earlier I rather eat wholesome real food that swallow a liquid to replace.

Review Summery

Safe, tastes great but I find it unnecessary and extremely over-priced. Eat hearty, delicious foods and only replace meals when 100% needed and replace with a simple protein shake instead. So to close out my shakeology review I am saying to skip it for now. Learn to avoid "dieting" and learn to eat real food with your workout routine as taught over at Goddesss Toning (for women) or Warrior Shredded (for men).

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