P90x3 Review: Does This Program Really Work?

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It Takes More Than 3 Months Folks! It also takes lifting heavy!

Please read the whole P90x3 review below.  I state my opinion pretty thoroughly throughout while pointing out the good and bad with p90x3.

So if you haven’t seen the sales page for p90x3 I suggest looking it over here just so you know exactly what I am discussing.

People, with their stressed lives and timely commitments, just don’t want to invest too much time working out in a gym. But, being human, it’s but natural, to crave for a well carved body, which makes you feel prouder of yourself at night. Such a thought, is no longer a farfetched dream, all thanks to Tony Horton’s P90X3 — or is it still?

What to expect from the P90X3?p90x3 workout program

Available in a set of 3 kits, the option to purchase is based on what you want completely. The first kit, the Base Kit, is available for $120. It contains a set of 16 extreme workout cds, along with a nutrition and fitness guide. If you purchase during the offer period, you even get a resistance band free.

The Deluxe Kit, which is priced at $240, you get all of the contents of the base kit along with a little more. The extra components include 3 additional workout cds, E&E energy and endurance workout supplement along with 2 additional resistance bands for use.

The Ultimate Kit is a little more complicated than its counterparts. If you are a workout fan, but just don’t get the time to hit the gym, then you will love the Ultimate Kit. Available at a price of $350, the kit contains a chin up bar, extra supplements for you to consume, and a chin up assist. Given the price, it’s best to start with the Basic, especially if you are just starting out with your exercise programs.


Personally I think the price is extremely expensive compared to something like Warrior Shredded that will push you for a leaner, stronger body in less workouts per week.

The programs, working towards making you leaner, fitter and more muscular and with very limited equipment.

Goals With P90x3 Or Any Program Really…

If getting a ripped body is on the agenda, then the P90X3 will probably not be for you.  If losing FAT is the key then ANY workout, including p90x3 will be fine for you.

I really think the goal for anyone, man or woman is to build muscle and get down to an optimal body weight and fat % to allow a set of 6 pack abs to show through.  Just keep that in mind as you continue reading through this.

The p90x3 Workouts

The different exercises, which are craftily planned out for the user, are going to make sure that each and every part of your body responds to exercise, so that nothing feels left out (mainly if you’re a beginner).

Split into the following categories, these are the programs that are geared toward helping strip the fat from your body.

6 muscle building resistance workout series:

From Total Synergistic (triggers quick changes within your body) to the Challenge (add strength to your upper body) to the Incinerator (time to push yourself way beyond “I can’t do it any more” stages), there is a lot to explore. This is not all, for you even have the Warrior (do it anywhere exercise list), the Eccentric Upper (to create lean muscle) and Eccentric Lower (to balance out your lower body muscles).

Ultimately, I felt like these moves didn’t build muscle the way lifting heavier weights do which makes sense if you understand how muscle development works.

But, I will say that exercises like pull-ups are fantastic for building up the back muscles and I think every proper back workout should contain some sort of pull-up moves as it will greatly help build up much needed muscles in men and women.

I will also add that the moves, especially when you’re out of shape will be tough.

3 cross training work out modules:

Set of three exercise modules, which consist of Agility X (for building precision, strength and balance during workouts), Triometrics (plyo to help you boost your speed) and Decelerator ( for muscle defining stability).

These moves were fun but mainly to help lose weight and lightly tone and not really build muscle.

The plyo moves will definitely help you build agility.

3 Cardio exercises for fat burning:

Consists of CVX, MMX and Accelerator; each of these aimed at giving you the perfect cardiovascular workout of the day.

Again, the same thoughts I had on the cross training moves.

4 flexibility and workout modules:

The list ends with a set of 4 flexibility and workout modules which consist of X3 Yoga, Pilates, Isometrix and Dynamix. Build elasticity within your body, so that it’s strong enough to endure the pressure of muscle building.

With a series of different exercises, aimed at consuming only 30 minutes of your time every day, there is so much to look forward to in the world of weight training. So if you are really looking forward to letting go of some unwanted pounds, then this is the weight loss program tailor made for you.

The Stated Goal Of P90x3

Beach body states that with p90x3 you’re getting a full workout in just 30 minutes per day.

Their claims are not far-fetched.  You will definitely be working out 30 minutes a day 6 times per week.  I personally think this is a bit much and by lifting more weight less frequently you not only avoid over training but you also avoid burnout.

I felt trying to keep up with 6 workouts per week felt a bit much.  Some people like it, most do not.

Equipment Needed For p90X3

Like P90x and just about any other workout you’ll need a few things to get started.

At minimum you need the following:

  • Various dumbells depending on your strength level
  • Pull up bar or bands (I hate bands)
  • Stability ball or weight bench

Additional Thoughts From My P90X3 Review

Ultimately, I believe p90x3 is not a bad program.  However, if getting shredded muscle is a goal

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Ladies: This Doesn’t Come From Toning -You Need To Lift

this program is not for you. For the ladies out there if you’re goal is looking great you’re going to want some muscle as well and p90x3 will tone but not give you the shape you ultimately desire.

If you are out of shape and need something to get you motivated back into working out then this might be a good fit.  It will help get you primed to build real muscle again.

P90x3 will push you to eat properly which is one great thing I do like about the program.  Learning to eat proper will go along way.  But, the thing that drives me nuts about the way Beach Body presents everything is they seem to advocate never eating some things we crave.

This would be an absolutely miserable experience.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with eating some ice cream, tortilla chips, some McDonalds or some “junk food” from time-to-time.

Look we crave these things and at some point you’re going to freak out if you don’t have some.  That’s one reason why I suggest learning to understand calorie counting and caloric deficits as explained in the 2 programs I highly recommend Goddess Toning for the ladies and Warrior Shredded for the men.

Where we tend to go wrong with junk food is when we over eat it and exceed where we neat on a calorie surplus for the day.  A free handy app to have on your phone is called My Net Diary which you can monitor how many calories you need for the day.  This will make knowing what you can eat easier.

I’ve been using it for 6 months and it now only takes me about 5 minutes a day to input my meals.

Sorry to sound like a broken record here but the proper advice is being dispensed there and it’s important to know if you ever want to get into the shape you’ve dreamed of.

P90x3 Supplements: Do You Need Them?

The folks at Beach Body will try to push you into buying supplements through them.  This includes Shakeology which I reviewed here.

I think outside of maybe creatine and a simple protein formula most supplements are over-rated. I would personally avoid the high-cost extras no matter what workout program you decide to use.

Alternatives to P90x3

However, for the cost of the system and to buy recommend Beach Body supplements I think there are much cheaper and more effective alternatives out there.  Again for men I highly recommend Warrior Shredded (at the time of writing this it was around $47).

For women I highly recommend getting Goddess Toning and really learning about carving out a body that looks hot and extremely toned.  It’s easier than you think but it, as anything great you’ll do will take some work.

The goal is to make fitness an extension of your life not the sole focal point.

3 Months No Way

Men, if you’re trying to look like a Hollywood star like Ryan Gosling from Crazy, Stupid, Love this is not going to happen in 3 months unless you’re already muscular and only have just a few percentage points of body fat to lose.  It’s simply not going to happen.

Also if you’re more than 30 pounds over weight it’s going to be extremely hard to lean down in 3 months anyway.  You can safely lose up to 2 pounds per week.  Anything more than that and you will start hampering your strength gains.

You’re simply not going to put enough muscle on with p90x3 to get there.  You can definitely lose weight from P90X3 but the muscle will not get to where it’s as aesthetically pleasing as you’d like in my opinion and as someone who has done both P90x3 and P90x.  This is again why I stress a very simplistic approach to working out in the above alternative programs that I mentioned.

It’s important to remember that with any workout program that you still need to eat enough calories to get the nutrients you need.

Bottom Line: Finally, this is my own personally P90x3 review from my very own experience.  Again, it’s not horrible but it’s most likely what people who are reading this are looking for.  If the ultimate goal is simply weight loss then eating right and following the program will help you lose weight.

Sadly, with most body weight routines like p90x3 you will quickly plateau and you’ll need to go well beyond this system to continuing getting in better shape.  However, it will help raw newbies shed some unwanted pounds and start the shaping process.  You can get it here.

Want to build muscle that makes the opposite sex drool then this is probably not the program for you.

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