My Full Visual Impact For Women Review

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This program will help you achieve the “sleek sexy” look – as opposed to bulky

My complete Visual Impact For Women review:

Rusty Moore is the person behind Visual Impact for Women, which is a workout program aimed at helping women attain a slim feminine physique.

Visual impact is one of the most popular fitness programs for women on the Internet currently since it helps women get fit, slim, and sexy bodies just like Hollywood celebrities without getting too bulked up.  View the full program here.

This is the look that most men find attractive in a woman.

Ryan Moore is a famous fitness expert who runs a famous blog known as ‘Fitness Black book’. Besides the Visual Impact for Women, he has also developed Visual Impact Cardio and Visual Impact Muscle building, which is a best seller. Read on for an in-depth visual impact for women review.

Visual Impact for Women Review

The main manual is an eBook that you can instantly download to your computer and is an 89-pages that outlines the whole concept of the system. It covers various questions such as how to overcome weight loss challenges that most women encounter, how to diet for an event, customization of workout routines, and how to purposely lose muscle mass.

Rusty holds a firm belief that even though women have lower levels of testosterone than men, they can get too bulked up, particularly when they follow an inappropriate workout program.

Cardio plays a key role in this program. Rusty believes that cardio is the most effective way to burn fat and not get too bulky. The system combines cardio with weight training to help women get the bodies that they have always dreamed of.

In the eBook, Rusty also tackles some of the popular myths that fitness magazines propagate such as the myth that eating only once daily makes you lose muscle, the myth that skipping meals lowers metabolism, and the myth that following a low-calorie diet makes it easy to lose lean body mass.

Fat Torching Cardio

Visual Impact for Women Fat Torching Cardio is a 12 week course that shows you how you can burn as much body fat as possible. This program includes advanced concepts such as the VO2 max cardio, 4-level HIIT, and others.  He explains how each method works.

Don’t worry, if you do not currently understand those terms he explains them in pure, perfect detail inside the program.

visual impact for women pdfExercise Demonstration Manual

Included in this training is a 229-page instantly downloadable book that contains explanations and photos that cover each exercise.

This makes it easy when you go to do the work outs.  You won’t be guessing what to do next or how to do it.

It’s all laid out in a very easy to understand format with demos!  When I was going through my complete Visual Impact For Women review this is one of the big things that I noticed separated this program from the rest.

Printable Workout Charts

Visual Impact for Women lists each workout on a different page thus making it easy to print them out.

The print out visual impact charts let you easily and effortlessly track your progress as you create a brand new amazing body.

What Is The Diet For Visual Impact For Women?

Rusty talks about the fact that women have a harder time losing weight than men. Women tend to have a lower metabolic rate and need to eat less calories than men to lose weight. If you follow the regular advice usually dished out to ‘’eat every few hours, you will end up taking many tiny meals and never be fully satisfied.

visual impact for women review

Sleek and Toned Is The “It Look”

It is due to this reason that Rusty believes that women should be eating fewer times a day if they desire decent-sized meals.

This is also what I’ve been mentioning in several things I’ve put out.  It’s way more fun to eat 2-3 big GOOD meals than it is to eat 6 tiny meals.

In the section “Dieting for an Event”, you will discover how to lose weight quickly. However, you should not follow the aggressive diet for over 2 to 3 weeks at a time. The best way to diet for an upcoming event is to follow the Protein Sparing Modified Fast diet.

It will help you lose fat quickly without actually sacrificing lean body mass. Always remember that it is an extreme diet that does not work for everyone and nobody should follow it long-term. If you have no special event coming up you should consider using a steady, moderate approach to attain the body that you desire.

What Equipment Is Needed For Visual Impact For Women?

You’ll only need a couple of things.

  • 1 Set Of Adjustable Dumbbells
  • 1 Adjustable Bench

If you do not have a bench you’ll be able to use a sports workout ball as a substitute.  I really believe if you’re serious about getting a great workout you should get a bench for the best results.

But, this small amount of equipment is far better than going to a gym daily to get in shape and allows you the comfort of doing the workouts at home.

Final Thoughts/Recommendations

Hopefully you see my Visual Impact for Women review as truly a breath of fresh air when it comes to the world of women’s fitness and dieting programs. It comes from a person who understands women’s unique physiques and delivers exceptional results as clearly shown in this Visual Impact for Women review.

Try it today if you’re ready to work at getting into the best shape of your life.

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