How To Get Your Abs To Show Through

6 pack abs showing through

This takes lower body fat + strengthening the muscles…

One question many people have is “How To Get Your Abs To Show!?”

The solution  is actually simple.  You need 2 things to happen before people can see your abs pop out of your skin.

  • The first way to help get your abs to show is to simply lower your body fat percentage.  You do this by losing weight/BMI until your hit your ideal body weight.
  • The 2nd way on how to get your abs to show is to make sure you’ve built the muscles in your stomach up enough!

Those are the 2 things you’ll need to do.  Let’s discuss this in a little more detail.

Many people think that to get a great stomach you just need to be skinny.  The problem is if you have weak stomach and core muscles those abs aren’t going to look great even if are in your ideal body weight.

You need to be doing some simple stomach work to get your abs to show.

I typically follow Visual Impact (see the program for men, see the program for women) this workout program that is geared to build muscle all around as they will also have you focus on your ab work.  You do not need to buy a workout specifically geared for your abdominal muscles!

If you’re having trouble building muscle on your stomach consider using an ab wheel.  An ab wheel will force you to work on your stomach muscles and the surrounding stabilizers.

Though it’s an unneeded tool it certainly does help strengthen the stomach while adding an element of fun to it.  Simply do exercises that target you lower, mid and upper stomach.

This is a pretty basic workout that you can do to strengthen your abdominal muscles:

Diet + Excercise Are The True Key To Abs

get your abs to show through

These abs are nice without overdoing it – a lower BF % would reveal+ strengthening them would reveal more…

Since you need to lower your body fat percentage to have your abs show through it’s critical that you watch what you eat and if you’re not seeing your abs simply eat in a caloric deficit.

A caloric deficit means you’re taking in fewer calories than you’re burning per day.  Enter your info here on the handy calculator to get an idea of where you should be for your caloric deficit.

Keep in mind you can still eat what you want but you need to be in a deficit. Typically I try to eat clean and healthy most of the week and allow for a snack of beer, wine or some dessert whenever I can fit it in.

Typically I try to eat clean and healthy most of the week and allow for a snack of beer, wine or some dessert whenever I can fit it in.  Obviously, if you’re constantly crushing pizza, beer and ice cream in large amounts it’s going to be more difficult as those type of foods are more calorie packed as they are made up of high fat.

But, As long as you’re staying under calories your abs will start showing through as you approach your target weight.

Don’t Overdue The Workout On Your Abs

At one point in my life, I believed you needed to work your abs every day or every other day.

Honestly, that’s too much.  I have had the best results by doing this 2 days per week.  With a program like Visual Impact he cleverly gets you to fit in your ab work without going crazy.

How Low Does Your Body Fat Percentage Need To Be To Have Your Abs Show Through?

Honestly, as a man you’ll likely see them at 12% and lower but they won’t be awesomely defined.  Going down to 6-7% will ultimately be the perfect range.  Keep in mind that maintaining 6-7% year round is difficult and you’ll likely want to allow yourself to fluctuate between 7-9%.  6-7% is the “shrink wrap” effect you’ll see mentioned often in Visual Impact.

A woman’s abs show at around 15-19%.  Yes, women naturally need to maintain a much higher body fat percentage than men in general.

How To Maintain Those Abs

Once you’re at your ideal body weight and your abs are looking great you want to keep them that way.  Now you can start eating in maintenance mode.  Maintenance mode can be calculated with the handy calculator again.

You can now eat a normal intake of food again.  It’s still important to stay in your caolric range.  However, you get to eat more calories when you’re trying to maintain over trying to lose.

The best thing you can do is start focusing on your diet and exercise and you’ll slowly start seeing your abs show through.  In fact, with a little work and dedication, you can have abs rather quickly.

If you’re still wondering how to get your abs to show after using the above teaching after several months you’re likely not working the abs enough or not eating right .  If you’re stuck, just ask!

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