Hemp Force Review – Is This Protein Powder Nutrition Worth It?

hemp force review

Me Holding My Bottle Of Hemp Force

I am pretty excited to dive into my Hemp Force review. To learn more about the product,buy it, see the ingredients etc go here.

The market is flooded with different types of protein powders, each offering a series of ingredients.

However, Hemp Force by Onnit is somewhat different from its competitors. With a sweet lingering taste, and a bucket full of nutritious ingredients, the protein shake is here to stay.

First, Is Hemp Protein Good Protein?

Yes.  It’s especially helpful for those who are do not want to consume animal products as it’s Vegan!

The protein will have the same effect as other sources of protein.  If you’ve been working out for any length of time you know how important protein is to your health and muscle development.

About Hemp Force

I do not feel I could do a great Hemp Force review without talking about what this product is all about first.

Given the balanced set of nutrients, there is a little of everything one can need during the workout phase. With a balanced quantity of amino acids, fiber content, and omega acids, this protein shake is pretty awesome. It’s a fibrous 7g per serving – bonus!), nutritious and well flavored shake, which will give you loads and loads of proteins, enough to help you not feel like you are drinking medicine or junk.

ingredients in hempforce

A Look At The Hemp Force Label

Hemp Force ingredients:

  • All essential amino acids
  • Fatty acids, which include Omega 3 and Omega 6
  • Cocoa
  • Maca root
  • Stevia
  • Mesquite Powder
  • Açaí Berry
  • Chia
  • Flax Seeds·
  • Vanilla Extract

Why cocoa and maca root?

You might ask why cocoa and maca root have been used as the main ingredients in Hemp Force. Well during my review of Hemp Force I want to first clarify that I loved the taste of real cocoa in this product.

Being a power packed source of natural energy, Maca is extremely rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids, whereas, cocoa is said to possess a lot of other benefits, which go beyond adding tasty.

Apart from that, cocoa also helps reduce cholesterol and blood pressure. Imagine the kind of benefits it offers to you, apart from being a taste enhancer.

Taste and mixing

The taste of the powder will definitely make you feel like it’s a normal protein shake. In order to get a decent texture, it’s best to mix it up with a blender or good shaker bottle; though, you should avoid mixing it with water.

I use Almond Milk personally.  Almond milk is low in fat, has a host of additional nutrients.  Plus, almond milk is pretty cheap and taste great.  You can get it in Vanilla or regular.


With 15g of protein in each serving, there is nothing else you can ask for. It contains 14g of fat, along with 12g of carbohydrates, 7g fiber, and only 2g of sugar. Some people might find the powder to be a little sweet on the palette; however, that’s because of the stevia root, which is a natural sweetener.

Usually Anti-Supplement

For the most part I do not like supplements.  However, I wanted to note in this Hemp Force review that this is one supplement I actually like taking.

I do not take it every day.  Most days I try to get enough protein in my diet (about 1g per pound of body weight) but on the days I do not get enough protein I’ll whip up a nice Hemp Force protein shake and not only stave off cravings but pack on a little extra protein.  Not to mention you get all the other benefits mentioned above from Hemp Force.

Is the Hemp Harmful?

No!  It’s not quite like that and it has no hallucinogenic properties.  It has been deemed totally safe and no one has reported any crazy “hemp” side effects.

So you have no need to worry about this product.  I’ve been taking it and I not only enjoy it, I have had no problems with it.

Some additional recipes you can concoct with your Hemp Force Proteins:

  • Peanut Butter Hemp Protein Shake Recipe
  • Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Hemp Protein Shake Recipe
  • Green Super Hemp Protein Shake Recipe
  • Blueberry & Banana Hemp Protein Shake Recipe

The details recipes are available online, so if these recipes do tickle your fancy, you can check them out online.

With so many useful ingredients packed into one box, there is hardly any scope for doubt. The idea behind the making of the protein shake is to ensure that the user gets maximum uses out of the powder, without having to resort to additional sources of proteins.  Go get yours now..

Have you tried Hemp Force?  What are your thoughts?  Care to leave your own Hemp Force review?  Do so below.

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