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*Chris Evans Portrays The Greek God Look

Before I begin if you’ve not heard of the Greek God Workout Program read this first.

In this post I am publishing my Greek God program review based on the information taught in the program and the science behind good tasting and proper eating.

With so many fitness programs doing the rounds of the market, it’s becoming difficult by the day to rely on one program.  This is not the case with The Greek God Program.

It’s a unique fitness and training program which provides appropriate guidance to people, on how to achieve the body of their dreams in some easy, yet effective steps.

The mastermind behind this fitness program is Greg O’Gallagher, who is also the host of the fitness show Road to Ripped and who also created Warrior Shredded which I discuss here..

Onto My Greek God Program Review….

About the Fitness regime of The Greek God Program

Greg has loosely based his fitness program on his personal experiences with fitness training. As per his statement , what really makes The Greek God Program unique are the concepts and the ideologies. As per his statement, this concept makes use of the “MEGA” technique, which is nothing but “Minimal Effort Growth Acceleration”.

Unlike some of the other programs available on the market, which require you to setup your house in the gym (figuratively speaking), The Greek God Program is absolutely different.

In reality, over exercising can be counterproductive, rather than productive. For this very reason, the program has been split in a clever way, so as to ensure your body derives the maximum benefits out of the whole training regime. There is absolutely no need to invest your hard earned money on useless supplements or expensive home training equipment (as I mentioned several time before you may only really ever need some good protein powder and not really any other supplements).

The program, further explained

These are some of the things which are covered in the main training schedule:

  • 10 off the mill exercises which help you develop muscles which are not otherwise exercised during the normal routines.
  • 4 types of lifts, which are indispensable from an effective training program.
  • A helpful nutrition section, so that your body gets every ounce of nutrition it needs during the training program.  This nutrition plan also allows room to eat basically anything you want as long as you maintain a caloric intake that leads to a deficit.
  • The right type of training time and exercises your body needs to develop a sculpted physique.

Some pros of using this fitness program

You might ask, is there any benefit of using this fitness program? What if it’s another watered down run-of-the-mill workout, like some of the other programs in the market? The answer is very clear; with so much investment by Greg O’Gallagher, you can rest assured, you are investing in something which is 100% legitimate. Plus, he offers several pics and results from people who have successfully utilized the program.

The pros of using this program is that it tells you how to develop some lean muscle mass in the body while maintaining the fat supply and the calorie intake cautiously so you end up looking ripped.

Along with that, the nutritional guidebook helps you manage your meals successfully, so that you consume food varieties which will offer you all the required energy for your exercising schedule.

So if you are still having some doubts about investing in this program, it’s time to lay back and trust The Greek God Program for your daily exercising routines.

What Equipment Do you Need For This Program?

Like most programs I review this can be done at home or in a gym.  As you increase in your strength you may either need to invest in a really nice set of weights or continue buying higher weights of dumbbells.

Here is the equipment you’ll need to start.

  • Dumbbells (heavy enough to perform 4-5 reps with difficulty)
  • Adjustable Weight Bench (must be able to incline and flat)
  • Pull Up Bar (This is a good one)
  • A Weighted Vest (not needed at first) – As you increase in strength on the pull up bar in order to build more muscle density you’re going to need to add weights to your pullup.  A weighted vest is a great way to do that. Again, if you do not currently have an extremely strong back you can hold off on buying this.

Will It Be Hard To Get Into Greek God Shape?

Yes and no.

Here is the deal.  Every workout you do BETTER be hard.  If it’s easy and you never struggle to finish a workout or if you’re never sore — you’re not growing!

Your muscles MUST grow or you’re strength is not going up.  You can’t look like a Greek God by lifting puny weights for hundreds of reps.  It’s just not going to happen.

The Greek God program is a real push but if you’re looking for big strength gains, looking great and getting that build that makes you look extremely manly this is for you.

If you’re starting out extremely weak or extremely overweight I recommend starting with Warrior Shredded first before trying Greek God.  Warrior Shredded will teach you to get a lean body fat % while developing some serious strength before delving into Greek God to build a massive pumped up version of yourself.

Another thing to consider is if you’ve never worked out before or very little you’re not going to go from weak to benching 250 lbs in 12 weeks.  This is the crap mainstream programs on T.V. try to sell you.  It’s unrealistic and it can take at least 1-2 years to develop a beastly sculpted chest to look like a Greek God.

I am not telling you this to discourage you but I want you to have realistic expectation.  Slow and steady is the way to success and there is NO shortcut that makes you a beast in just a few weeks.

What Does The Diet Consist Of

I spoke about nutrition above but I want to talk about the diet a bit more.  You’ll be monitoring macros (percentages) of protein, fats, carbs.  You’ll eat more protein than anything else but you’ll still be eating fat and carbs.

So let me state it like this.  This is not a low fat, low carb diet.  In fact, that type of “dieting” will wreck your gains.  The focus here will be on getting ample protein and getting the proper amounts of carbs and fats.

Often times (especially men) do not eat enough fat and carbs in our diet during a workout.  Rightfully so because that’s what we’re told over and over.  But the truth is not only is that not enjoyable but it can actually cause harm to your body.

Greg also encourages intermittent fasting which involves eating two HUGE meals per day.  I’ve found this diet to be both rewarding and enjoyable and the best way to not get late night hungers or cravings.

You MUST have fats and carbs in your diet.

Who is this program for and not for?

Who this program is for:

  • Need to lose weight and muscle up. YES.
  • Want to maintain weight and muscle up?  YES.
  • Need to build strength and grow your muscle mass?  YES.
  • Want to look great naked while building muscle? YES.
  • Skinny and need to bulk up efficiently?  YES.
  • Extremely overweight (high body fat %) and need to slim down.  NO – see below.
  • Extremely weak and need to get stronger?  YES/NO , but start with this program instead.

Conclusion On The Greek God Workout Program

I highly recommend this program if you are ready to build some serios muscle.  This is not a get-super-strong in a month program (those do no really exist).  But, rather this is a program to methodically get your leaner, stronger and pumped up.  Get started now or just read more details about the program.

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