How to Get Rid Of Back Fat When It Seems Impossible

get rid of back fatIt doesn’t matter if you’re a man or women I am sure you’ve wondered or even asked “how to get rid of back fat?” before.  Maybe your struggle with back fat is new?

I never had an issue with back fat myself until I hit my 30’s and since then, like you, I battle it.  But today I am going to show you how to fight back and get rid of back fat the right way for good.

Let’s clear one thing up first shall we?

You cannot pick and choose where you’re going to lose fat from.  You see those commercial that say cute thinks like “target that lower back fat!”

The sad truth is, there is no targeting unless you decide to get a dangerous liposuction routine (don’t do it!)

Understanding how to get rid of back fat will lead you to actually making the flab go away.

However, you can do 2 things to get rid of back fat the effective and safe way.

  • Tighten/strengthen/tone the trouble spots
  • Reduce your overall body fat percentage

Let’s look at strengthening and tightening the lower back area where back fat affects us the most.

You need to be doing a workout at least once per week that targets the back muscles.  I.e. if you’re following the highly recommended Visual Impact Fitness Program you’ll notice that each week you’ll be working these muscles.

Exercises such as the following 2 are perfect to add to your back workouts:

  • Deadlift
  • Superman Back Extension (watch demo below)

Now that you’re strengthening and toning those lower back muscles it’s time to make them look great!  This is the secret sauce when it comes to finishing the question of how to get rid of fat on your lower back.

The next thing we’ll discuss is losing body fat percentage.  Again, fat will stay all over your body and as I mentioned earlier you can’t just pick and choose where to lose fat.

Unfortunately for us humans when we gain weight it always seems to go exactly where we do not want it!  This includes the stomach and of course the lower back where you collect that “spare tire” look.

At around 12% body fat men start to lose the lower back fat and everything looks perfect around the 6-8% range.  It’s very difficult to aim for the 6% range so staying somewhere below 10% should make you look pretty awesome.

For women that number is 19% and 15% on the low side.

If you’re unsure of your current estimated body fat percentage use this calculator. Keep in mind this ratio will not be perfect and will be +/- 1-2% as there is not a cheap way to have your body fat measured accurately.

Then you need to start eating in a caloric deficit until you get down to the desired weight.  You do this by eating less calories than you burn for the day.  To figure out what you need to eat per day use this calculator. Select that you want to lose 1-2 lbs per week (this is the safe weight loss area).

Once you figure out what you need to eat per day, hit that goal on a daily basis.  This is how to get rid of fat on your lower back the effective way.

As you slim down and you strengthen your lower back the fat will melt away.  If you’re extremely overweight hang on every inch you lose.  Not only will you slim down but your lower back is going to look great.

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Hopefully you put this to use and see that this is how to get rid of back fat the effective way.

Got a question?  Ask!  I am human just like you and have struggled to stay fit so I understand!

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