Focus T25 Review: Hype? Or Fat Burning Machine?

honest focus t25 review First, before I dig into this Focus T25 review it’s important to know that if you’re looking for a weight loss program this will work.  If you’re looking to build muscle and keep a strong toned body this will NOT work effectively.

What kind of excuse do you use when you don’t want to work out? Don’t have time to hit the gym? Too tired to take out time? Lots of work, so can’t spare too much time to work out?(This was actually my attitude not long ago).

The T25 work out plan touts itself as a fat burning routine so….

…What’s Focus T25 all about?

Focus T25 is all about an intensive work out; however, the time needed for a workout with this plan is only 25 minutes. Being a highly addictive cardio-strength work out training program, the whole concept was developed by Shaun –T, who also happens to be a world renowned trainer and fitness expert.

What does the word Focus’ mean in the name?

Focus T25, as the name suggests, is all about incorporating some of the best moves in your exercise regime, so that your body gets a full workout, without having to worry about spending too much time exercising. You focus on each muscle group one by one, supplement your diet with the right food materials and see the difference for yourself.

You get to shred fat, eat all the right things, and welcome fitness into your life, all in 25 minutes.

As I’ve mentioned in other workout reviews DIET is critical to success.  You need to constantly be on a caloric deficit if you want to lose weight.  Eating more than your body needs daily will put you into a surplus and would cause you to gain weight.  This is 90% of the battle for most people.

How does Focus T25 work?

By working out one muscle group at a time, you can drive yourself to exhaustion and burn fat in the meantime. Don’t get scared. This does not mean you will be burnt out by the time you are done exercising. By performing small reps for each muscle group, you are able to exercise completely, so that your body moves out of the comfort zone and into a fitness mode.

The workout is divided into 2 parts for convenience sake

Alpha cycle: This phase lasts for about 5 weeks and focuses on workouts which include:

  • cardio
  • speed
  • total body circuit
  • abs and
  • stretches

Beta cycle: For the remaining 5 weeks, you will concentrate on core:

  • cardio
  • circuit,
  • dynamic core
  • upper focus and
  • stretches

Who can do it?

The program has been built for people who can perform exercises at their convenience. However, if you suffer from any kind of ailment, it’s best to consult a doctor before indulging in any kind of fitness training programs. I honestly recommend consulting a doctor before starting any program and especially if you’ve been inactive for quite some time.

Advantages of using the Focus T25:

  • Exercises for the whole body
  • Quick, convenient and effective
  • Help available through videos, just like in the case of personal training
  • Feeling of doing the workout with “somebody”
focus t25 review conclusion

I Recommend This Program For Women

Conclusion On My Focus T25 Review

The biggest key to long term weight loss is simply eating in a caloric deficit until you’re at the desired weight and then simply enter maintenance mode to maintain the weight.

This means that it really doesn’t matter what workout program you’re following if the ultimate goal is just to be skinny.

There’s no other big secret to it.  You can simply lift weights, eat in a caloric deficit and slim down – so the program itself is practically irrelevant.

If you’re goal is simply to get skinny then Focus T25 will probably help you get there, granted that you follow the diet and routine properly.  This will be a short term effect as the only thing to help lift up sagging skin is to have an ample amount of muscle on your body.

However, for long term weight loss, health and overall aesthetically good looks you’re going to want to build a little more muscle by following a better suited program.  We have those mentioned on front page here for your convenience.

The idea behind the whole program is to give the consumer the satisfaction of delivering results, which will be evident in as short as 10 weeks. It’s not a new concept and I think this program can give you those results for the short term period.

So this is my feeling and opinion in my own Focus T25 review.  This is simply coming from someone that has tried everything in the past to lose weight and from my experience I know what is effective and not.

Ultimately I really find most of these types of programs as a temporary fix

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