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Goddess Toning Program Review and What It Will Do…

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Below is my Goddess Toning Program review.  I share why this works and if you’d like to read more about what Goddess Toning is go here.
If you are a woman trying to struggle in this ever changing world of beauty, you must be well aware of all the nuances of maintaining a slim figure. With […]

Body Beast Review – How Well Does This Workout Program Work?

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My Body Beast review is my honest look at a program that I’ve personally used and involves my experiences.  First, let’s take a look at what Body Beast is designed for.  I will also include all of the cons I found with this program. By the way if you haven’t seen anything on Body Beast […]

Focus T25 Review: Hype? Or Fat Burning Machine?

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First, before I dig into this Focus T25 review it’s important to know that if you’re looking for a weight loss program this will work.  If you’re looking to build muscle and keep a strong toned body this will NOT work effectively.
What kind of excuse do you use when you don’t want to work out? […]

P90x3 Review: Does This Program Really Work?

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It Takes More Than 3 Months Folks! It also takes lifting heavy!
Please read the whole P90x3 review below.  I state my opinion pretty thoroughly throughout while pointing out the good and bad with p90x3.
So if you haven’t seen the sales page for p90x3 I suggest looking it over here just so you know exactly what […]