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Weighted Vest Reviews – How To Pick A Good One…

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Below are 3 of my weighted vest reviews.  Keep in mind this is simple my opinion but having seen many of these types of products I’ll explain why I like the Hyper Vest #1.  Enjoy the read.  To read more about my #1 pick check it out here.
Hyper Vest® PRO Hyper Vest® PRO
This is your […]

Ab Wheel Review | Does This Work Effectively and What You Need To Know…

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Does An Ab Wheel Work For Developing Abs? A True Ab Wheel Review.
Let’s take a quick look into what an abs wheel is, and how it works, before cross examining it’s usage.
Being one of the cheapest kinds of exercising equipment, the ab wheel costs around $10 to $40 – (you can find a cheap good […]