About This Site

First let me start off by saying, I’m not perfect nor do I have a perfect body.  In fact, I, like many fight to stay fit.  I created this site not only as motivation to myself but to other people.  I have learned numerous things over the last several years and I share them with you here.

This site is designed to break through workout myths.  It’s for people who enjoy a workout, are looking to take their first steps to working out or are currently pushing themselves to get into the best shape of their life.

The online and offline worlds are filled with bad information about what it takes to get into phenomenal shape.

Therefore the entire site is dedicated to actually giving you the proper perspective on various different workout programs, supplements and even just advice based on experience.

As you read through this site we’ll not only give you perspective on where to get started but if there is an alternative program or supplement that we think works better than the other we’ll make sure to mention it.

We are real people, with real jobs and working to achieve our best body just like you.

You won’t find this site full of fake pictures of people who are doing drugs to get where they want to be.  Nor will you find advice here that offers unreal ways to get into shape.  I.e. you’ll often hear me rip the “get ripped in 20-minute programs.”  I don’t believe they work and that is why they always smack a disclaimer saying’these results are not typical.”