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ab wheel review front sideDoes An Ab Wheel Work For Developing Abs? A True Ab Wheel Review.

Let’s take a quick look into what an abs wheel is, and how it works, before cross examining it’s usage.

Being one of the cheapest kinds of exercising equipment, the ab wheel costs around $10 to $40 – (you can find a cheap good one here). An ab wheel consists of a single wheel, which has been equipped to spin freely on an axle. This axle extends outwards, so that the user can hold onto the handle bars and perform the exercise freely. The wheel is designed in such a manner, so that your abs, arms, back and shoulders get the maximum benefit from its use.

Coming back to the main question in tow; the answer is yes. The abs wheel does work, especially, if you exercise with it carefully and properly. By keeping the abs as a core point of workout, the abs wheel stretches out your body proportionately, so that your body gets the maximum benefit out of the exercise. However, don’t expect to 6 pack abs with the use of an abs wheel or even with situps.

It’s important to note in my ab wheel review that I mention the product, while it looks flimsy, is actually well built and designed to be slightly rocky to force muscle incorporation.

A Lower Body Fat Percentage Will Make Your Abs Look Great!

You need to get your body fat % low enough for the muscles to pop-out.  I’ve mentioned this over and over again on the site but it’s critical to understand that for your abs to show through you need to have a low body fat percentage while increasing your muscle density by working out the muscle groups that you want to show through.

The ab wheel is a tool to strengthen and lengthen the stomach muscles.  The combination of the ab wheel and lowering body fat % to 12% or lower will really allow the six pack to start showing through.

Why Does An Ab Wheel Work Effectively

Many people ask the pertinent question, “Why does an ab wheel work effectively?” An ab wheel is a very innovative, yet simplistic design, when it comes to creating exercising equipment. While an ab wheel might look like an ordinary wheel with two handles, which concentrates mainly on your back and abs, it’s definitely a product which can offer you great comfort and utility.

The ab wheel concentrates on the main body parts, which would otherwise not get the appropriate exercise they should in the normal circumstances. By using an ab wheel, your upper body strength is increased drastically and your abs also get the necessary crunch. Based on the concept of resistance, your body has to put in a lot of effort, while exercising with an ab wheel.

One of the best exercises which have really helped a lot of people is the simple kneel and roll exercise. All you have to do is bend on your knees, roll the wheel and stretch your back to the maximum possible extent. However, make sure you don’t stretch yourself out completely, otherwise, you might not be able to roll back completely.

How To Use An Ab Wheel

A pertinent question which plagues the mind of every exercising individual is, “how to use ab roller?” While the use is quite simple, it’s necessary to do the exercises correctly, in order to derive the maximum benefit out of the whole training program. On one end, the ab roller might appear to be a wheel with two handle bars; however, in reality, the exercises which are performed using the ab roller are more complex than they seem.

When you are starting out with an ab wheel roller, it’s best to start with a kneeling position and gauge the amount of stress your body feels on your arms, abs and back. People with lower back problems should avoid using the ab roller, since it can really crunch up the back muscles and that too not in a good way.

Place the wheel in front of you, slowly rolling forward with your chest slightly above the wheel. Let the wheel take you forward. Slowly and gradually, your arms and torso will straighten up, allowing you to feel the full pressure on your main body parts. Try to avoid rolling out to the front completely, such that your hands are completely stretched out in front of you. You might not be able to roll back, in such a situation.

Experiment with different roll lengths, so that you are able to find your comfort spot eventually. Try using the Onnit ab wheel roller. It provides great grip on the hand bars and the wheel is also nice and smooth, at the time of rolling.

Watch This Video On How To effectively Use An Ab Wheel

Where To Buy An Ab Wheel

I highly suggest using this particular brand at this website.

It’s well built, easy to use and forces you to stabilize the stomach muscles for maximum results.

If you have an questions on this particular ab wheel review, please ask me below.

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