Ab Wheel Exercises For Beginners That Will Get You Rock Hard Abs

ab wheel review front sideThe ab wheel is an impressive tool for working out your abs, especially when you’re out somewhere and don’t have access to your regular work out equipment or a gym.

While ab crunches and other exercises are effective, the ab wheel is going to give you results you will definitely be proud of in the long run.

Learn To Master These 3 Ab Wheel Exercises For Beginners Below:

By following these simple 3 exercises, you too can make maximum use of the ab wheel, without running into any hassles of lifting heavy equipment. Read on to understand how you too can benefit from the use of an ab wheel.

Exercise #1: Sit down on your knees and hold the two sides of the ab wheel firmly in front of you. Slowly and steadily, begin to slide forward, so that your chest and arms are firmly stretched out. Once your body has reached the maximum limit, you need to roll back, while keeping your hands firmly on the ab roller. Repeat this exercise in reps for maximum benefit.

Ab wheel exercises help by strengthening the muscles while giving you maximum flexibility during exercising. This simple exercise can really do wonders for you, especially, if you do it the right way (shown in video below).

Exercise #2: Repeat the exercising position outlined above. However, this time, you should try rolling the ab wheel towards the left and then back to start and then to your right instead of going straight.   This will target the obliques. You would feel your abs strengthening as the ab wheel focuses majorly on the oblique stomach muscles.

Exercise #3: The third variation in the exercise is fairly tedious, but at the same time, extremely effective. Hold the ab wheel in front of your chest; bend down slowly, and start rolling the ab wheel in front of your feet. Roll forward holding the ab wheel in your hands.

Try to not touch your knees to the ground. It’s just as if you’re doing pushups; the only difference is that you are doing it with an ab wheel exerciser, instead of resting your hands on solid ground.  If you cannot do this one yet just stick with and extra set of #1.

Here is the ab wheel workout routine:

  1. Exercise #1: 3 Sets Of 10
  2. Exercise #2: 3 Sets Of 10 on Each Side
  3. Exercise #3: 2-3 Sets Of 10 Or Repeat Exercise #1 if unable to perform this exercise.

That’s it!

Make sure you’re using a good wheel like this one and I’ll even show you a demo video of all the above exercises below.

Here Is A Video So you Can See These Ab Wheel Exercises In Action

Perform a rep of this variation as well, so that your body gets different exercises during the whole work out plan. This would ensure your body muscles get all the variation they need while at the same time, working out accurately and more effectively.

Onnit is a tremendous manufacturer of ab wheels, which combine good quality and style, all in a single go. The idea is to ensure that your body gets stability while performing the ab wheel exercises in an appropriate manner. You can check out my review of the ab wheel here.

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