How to Get Rid Of Back Fat When It Seems Impossible

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or women I am sure you’ve wondered or even asked “how to get rid of back fat?” before.  Maybe your struggle with back fat is new?
I never had an issue with back fat myself until I hit my 30’s and since then, like you, I battle it.  But […]

Hard Corps 22 Minute Workout Review – Good? Bad? For You?

My 22 Minute Hard Corps Workout Review.
So what is it?
The 22 Minute Hard Corps Workout is a chance for you to get in shape in just 8 weeks, by exercising for 22 minutes a day, following a basic-training style program. See the entire program demo video here.
At the end of the 8 weeks, you should […]

Complete Sandbag Workout WalkThrough

Walk-Through Of Sandbag Workout
Before starting this workout I highly recommend a GREAT sandbag unit.  This is the best.
Is working out starting to feel methodical and boring? Want to spice things up and maintain your muscular development?  A sandbag work out is for those of us that want a “real world” style workout as opposed to […]

The Food Lovers Diet Review To Help You Know What It’s All About!

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This Food Lovers diet review will help you see whether or not to avoid or use it. Anyone that is going to diet needs to know what they are getting into and if it’s going to be healthy.
First, we will share with you the supposed benefits of this diet plan, and then we’ll add some […]

The Masters Hammer And Chisel Review – Is It Right For You?

The Masters Hammer And Chisel Review: A Look At This Full Workout
There are many workouts out there aiming to not only help people burn excess fat but also to build muscle and chisel their body.  You can see people’s claimed results here:
The Masters Hammer and Chisel is in the second group. While it’s a high intensity […]

My Full Visual Impact For Women Review

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This program will help you achieve the “sleek sexy” look – as opposed to bulky
My complete Visual Impact For Women review:
Rusty Moore is the person behind Visual Impact for Women, which is a workout program aimed at helping women attain a slim feminine physique.
Visual impact is one of the most popular fitness programs for women […]

How To Get Your Abs To Show Through

This takes lower body fat + strengthening the muscles…
One question many people have is “How To Get Your Abs To Show!?”
The solution  is actually simple.  You need 2 things to happen before people can see your abs pop out of your skin.

The first way to help get your abs to show is to simply lower […]

Cardio Sucks Review – Stop Running Your Butt Off It Ain’t Workin’

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Cardio Sucks – So Do It Less :)
Today I am going to delve into my Cardio Sucks review and explain what I think about the program and who I think it’s for.
Cardio Sucks is an eBook that has been written to help those who are already working out as a way of trying to lose […]

Visual Impact Training Review – A Cheap Program That Works?

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I am going to cover a great program today: Visual Impact Training Review.  You can read more about the program here.
This is the ultimate guide to looking sleek and ripped in the vein of Brad Pitt Ala Fightclub.
There are a few reasons why this program works and I’m going to share them with you.
The Visual […]

Rapid Fat Loss Made Easy – Techniques You Can Follow

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To be lean and in shape you need to have enough fat off your body. If you have too much fat you can do a rapid fat loss routine to slim down quickly. (Pic from Pinterest).
I’m going to start this by probably pissing a few people off.  All that crap you read you read out […]